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Almods Andy the cartoon almond holding up a finger. "Copyright Andy Almods Corp." is crudely scribbled beside him.

For the love of Andy, eat ur almods.

Your welcome here!

November through January, almod trees go through a period of dormancy, loosing all their leaves and chilling out in california's cool, wet winters. Orchard soils store up rainwater for the upcoming growing season, and the trees store up nutrients and energy for next year's crop. Towards the end of dormancy, buds begin swelling on each trees branches in preparation for bloom.

almond border right almond border middle almond border left

Interview with an almod expert

This is an almod. We asked brian (an almod expert) about almods and what makes them great.

"This is an almod and when-"

That's all we got out of him before his manager whisped him away in a very suspicous manner.

A singular almond by itself, with no almond friends

Doctor's opinion on almods

A test for an actual website about somert.

three almonds with leaves, one almond cut in half five almonds with leaves, one almond cut in half, two still in their shells and one with half a shell

Almods can often come with leaf or S H E L L. They are quite visually appealing for stock image photoshoots. These images are often used in health blogs that may or may not be sponsered.