Target Audience and Platform

My target audience is the web revival, a movement that makes an effort to restore the freedom of the web 1.0 era of the internet. It has a heavy focus on self-expression and rejection of social media. They often incorporate features of modern websites into old web designs, like, which resembles Twitter but lacks an algorithm and a "like" button, reminiscent of web 1.0 portals.

My specific age range is gen z and younger millennials, which ranges from 13-30. My reasoning behind this is from personal experience having spoken to my classmates. I discovered the types of people who listen to this type of music were height of house music or where raised on it. This is also my personal experience and how I became a fan of house music.

This particular style of house music was popular in Liverpool, therefore I will mainly target people in this area. I might do this by sharing my music in Liverpool community Facebook pages or other social media accounts linked with Liverpool.

My target audience's income isn't a factor since I am posting this on a free platform that is widely accessible (Only need an internet connection and a device that can access the internet). The video won't be charged for viewing because of this therefore income isn't really relevant as it is very easily accessible.

In terms of gender, from my research I have discovered that it is a more male dominated scene; however from personal experience, I know more females who are into this type of music. Taking all this into consideration, I don't want to limit my audience based on gender and target all genders. I think I will be successful in this because the platforms I have chosen are accessible by all genders.

I will be promoting the video on both my website and, which, in my experience, has received the most attention from this particular demographic.


Youtube, Vimeo (popular within the web revival movement) and on a website. A website lies at the core of the web revival movement and is where most individuals will come across it. Youtube and Vimeo are also good options for promoting through related online groups, such as Y2K.