Eclipse of Mars Illusion

The Eclipse of Mars is an illusion that causes you to see a saturated tinted circle in your vision.

I found it on this website (Skytopia). Both the website and the Illusion was created by Daniel White. It is notable for being voted as Amos Storkey's illusion of the month. The illusion had been redrawn with various different colours. This variation is called the Eclipse of Titan.

Eclipse of Mars Illusion

If you stare at the circle for 1-2 minutes (blinking is allowed) then move your eyes, you'll see a blue colour that is the opposite of the red colour on screen.

The blue gradient is not part of the illusion. It is there to show that the tint is more saturated than what your PC/ monitor screen can produce.

I plan to use this illusion to create brighter colours than what a computer screen could allow. I also plan to experiment with shapes other than the circle.