Project Concept

The proposed concept for the music video is to create an immersive audio-visual experience through experimental video techniques. Techniques that I have researched include: databending, datamoshing, chroma key and optical illusions.

Databending involves converting a video into audio, applying an effect such as reverb or amplify, and then converting it back to a video. Datamoshing is the technique of making glitchy transitions by removing full refresh frames. Chroma Key makes a colour transparent, often used in green/ bue screen effects. Optical illusion is an image or video that can trick the brain into experiencing an optical effect that isn't there.

To combat the limitation of digital media where colours on a screen appear less bright than in real life, the video will utilize an optical illusion. The optical illusion I will use is a variation of of Eclipse of Mars will be used to make the colours brighter. The colour stare at for 2 minuets will pollute the corresponding colour cones in your eyes, making the opposite colour appear brighter.

This will be created in 2d software such as Photoshop or Inkscape.

Additionally, Blender, a 3D software, will be used to generate recursive psychedelic renders by using the various colour& shape modules available in the program.