Project Idea

Mind Map

For my final major project, I chose to make an experimental house music video. My reasoning for this is because it's a good combination of doing what I'm familiar with and trying something I've never done before. I have a better understanding of how to make a music video than the other ideas I had. I had experience in units 1 and 3 making the soundtrack to a drama and felt I could use the audiovisual skills I learned there in this project.

Most of my other ideas in the mind map are too ambitious for the resources and skills I have. A lot of them are very vague, and I'm unsure exactly on how I would develop them. A lot of the documentary ideas required a lot of research that I could have difficulty finding. The Wigan Pier documentary was the second-best idea, but I felt my skill set could not have completed it in the designated amount of time.

I think that I'm the right person to make this because of my background in house music and visual design. I'll use some of the logo design skills I used in units 1 and 3 in this project.