I've been creating the music for the music video. It's a 90's/ 00's style chicago house inspired track made from sampling bill wurtz songs.

Here's the unfinnished track so far:

Most house tracks from the 90's sample songs from the 70's and bring them into the music climate of the then modern era. I wanted to experiment with flipping the timeline around, bringing modern samples into the musical climate of the past. I want to evoke a digital/ analogue broken nostalgic atmosphere in both the music & the video.

I used plenty of traditional house percussion characteristic of the 90's era of Chicago house, such as the linn drum rimshot, and digitally pitched it around in a way that would be stylistic of the time but technologically impractical of the time.

When the song is finally complete, I'm thinking of experimenting with a looping technique i heard in this track that is reminiscent of a cd skipping.