The video has been completed. I've finished editing together all the elements and breaking the file formats. here's a youtube upload of it:

I did all of the editing in Final Cut Pro and took all of the stock footage from storyblocks.

All the other assets where made by me such as the 2d and 3d version of the logo and the "eclpise of titan" illusion which was made in natron.

I recreated the Eclipse of Titan illision with an open source digital compositing tool called Natron. It is used for VFX and motion graphics.

Natron tree

Here's the node tree i used to make the illusion. It starts from the gradient then layers more and more elements until it recheas the output as the bottom. The most difficult part to create was the wavey reflection since it uses nodes not from natron that are fairly undocumented.

The sunset portions where datamoshed which was done in avidemux 2.8. Almost all of the iframes where cutout, which did cause some parts to go out of time. This was fixed by recuting it to be in time, duplicating and layering frames to fill the space. This made the final version look even more glitchy.

The final edit uses chroma keying (for the 3d render and as a glitch effect), hue rotation (changing colour over time), ken burns (for zooming in and out and panning), cropping (to make a fake sea and sky) and blend modes (for extra trippy colours and shapes.)