Project Proposal


For my Final Major Project (FMP), my vision is to craft a compelling trailer for my upcoming EP. This trailer will serve as a dynamic showcase, featuring a rapid succession of the EP's tracks paired with visuals curated to aesthetically complement each song's essence. Titled "The 'Aimable' EP" (drawing inspiration from the French word for 'friendly'), the EP narrates a journey of escaping from toxic relationships, coping through lonliness and discovering better poeple.

Reflecting on the progression and accomplishments attained throughout the initial 11 units, there's a notable evolution in both my comprehension and aptitude. Unit 1 delved into the dichotomy between studio and live recordings as well live visuals. I chose to do an analysis of Daft Punk's "Rollin' & Scratchin'" since it is my favourite use of live visuals. The relationship between visuals and music was very in sync both in rhythm and in loud colours and saturated music. Rotational motifs accentuating the rhythm. This unit has inspired me to expand on visual elements within my Final Major Project (FMP).

My prior FMP was a music video project looking into experimentation and illusions. It had predominantly comprised stock footage and 3D renders due to time missuse. I will embrace a more multimedia approach in my forthcoming project, such filming my own footage.

My goals for my FMP are twofold: to manifest my musical creations into tangible releases and to integrate greater visual elements into my music. The culmination of these objectives coalesces into a desire to venture into DJing but specifically the visual side of music.


For initial research, I plan to utilize a variety of online resources, particularly YouTube tutorials, to enhance my skills in 3D modeling, as well as other parts of the project such as mastering and editing. Each tutorial i use will be documented on the website.

Problem Solving

This EP project has a lot of moving parts. In the event that the project encounters setbacks, such as incomplete renders or recordings. Should this happen, I could substitute in stock footage ensuring a seamless visual narrative that aligns with the thematic essence of the EP. Recognizing the unpredictability inherent in creative endeavors, I will allocate free space within the project timeline to accommodate unforeseen circumstances thereby affording flexibility in addressing any emergent issues without compromising the overall vision and coherence of the final product.

Planning and production

Each key aspect of productions have been organized to ensure the realization of the trailer within the timeframe. These include; finalizing the EP and creating the trailer edit, creating a storyboard, capturing filmed elements, 3D rendres, the editing process, feedback from peers and mentors, and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the final product. Resources required include Blender (for 3D) and Final Cut (for editing).

Practical skills

To bring my project to fruition, I will draw upon a spectrum of practical skills and technical knowledge garnered from previous experiences. From my prior year in film class and in Unit 3, I acquired proficiency in collaborative media production. I had also picked up storyboarding skills to visually map out a narrative. Moreover, expertise in 3D modeling acquired from my previous FMP will be instrumental in integrating a multimedia aesthetic. I also picked up adeptness in editing in Final Cut Pro will ensure seamless post-production refinement.

Evaluation and reflection

Throughout the project, I plan to maintain an ongoing process of evaluation and reflection to ensure the alignment of my work with the stated aims and objectives. To document the journey comprehensively, I will create a dedicated website where I will regularly update a journal at the end of each week, detailing progress, challenges, and decision-making processes. This will serve as a transparent record of my evolving ideas and the rationale behind them. Ultimately, I will evaluate the success of the project by how well the final product fulfills my goals of manifesting my musical creations into tangible releases and integrating enhanced visual elements into my music.


I will present all project materials through a dedicated website, showcasing the EP and its accompanying trailer as the final products. This digital platform will provide a comprehensive overview of the project's development, allowing for easy navigation and exploration of the creative process. The website will serve as a dynamic and interactive medium, enabling audiences to engage visually and conceptually with the project's ideas and outcomes. Through this format, I aim to effectively communicate the evolution of my ideas and present a cohesive narrative that encapsulates the essence of the project.

Research Sources and Bibliography