Problem Solving

Was going to be edited in Final Cut Pro but had to change to OpenShot since I didn’t have reliable access to a mac.

Found Love in

There was originally going to be 2 stages but cut it down to just the one due to time constraints and overestimating how long the intro was going to be. There was also originally going to be filmed segments that hides my face with a hat that never got filmed & didn’t matter anyway because there wouldn’t be anywhere to put them.

Um, I Don’t Think So

Was very poorly planned and was mostly made up on the spot during the editing process. The 2D segment of the disco ball as a sunset was going to be 3D but was made 2D to save time. most of this part of the video is compositing of stock footage, I had found a lot of stock footage filmed in film & old cameras to add some extra vintage personality to it. I had a lot of ideas disparate ideas such as a record player, roller skates, that did come through but in subtle ways but not in 3D segments like originally planned.


There was originally going to be 3D segments for this part but didn't have time, I tried making up the rest with stock footage and using the footage I had already filmed in creative ways, (such as layering the stock footage of fire over the angel to give off the appearance of a seraphim). There was also going to be more of an industrial theme to the Tellohim segment (3D industrial stage + stock footage + more filmed segments filmed in an industrial area) but couldn’t figure out a way to make it work in the editing process with what I had.

A Little Time

Most of what was planned came through the most though some small parts in the desktop segment had to be simplified. There was originally going to be an inversion motif inspired by Bill Wurtz’s older music videos but was cut due to time.