Primary Research

Sample Research

For "A Little Time," I did a thorough listening session of some songs I'd like to sample and taking detailed notes on a notepad. The songs I selected came from a Dutch music compilation CD, "Neue Holländische Welle", which features a mix of genres, predominantly rock, along with pop, tech house, and ska jazz.

Notable Tracks and Their Elements

  • League Of Xo Gentlemen – "Pay Your Dues": Contains a synth sound with high resonance.
  • Ferry Corsten – "It's Time": Features a section with only synth chords and vocals. The production style is very characteristic of 2000s pop and is very nostalgic to me.
  • Zuco 103 – "Futebol":Has interesting vocal samples.
  • Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation – "The Man From Alskaeeda (Rough Mix - Special Edit)": Includes saxophone parts good for a hip-hop track.
  • Peter Pan Speedrock – "Resurrection": The main riff could serve as an punchy intro.
  • Spanner – "Wonderful World": Reversing the guitars could create unique sounds.
  • Izaline Calister – "Wow' I Kariño": The catchy chorus vocals could be chopped into rhythmic patterns.
  • Nits – "Rumspringa": Rich in textures and sounds, featuring folky elements and plucky synths, with a shifting tempo and a pleasant organ chord at the end.
  • Spoiler – "Dirty Black Shades": Speeding up this track might reveal interesting textures and distortions.

Final Choices and Integration

After reviewing my notes, I chose "Ferry Corsten – It's Time," "Peter Pan Speedrock – Resurrection," and "Nits – Rumspringa" as the most inspiring for "A Little Time." However, only "It's Time" and "Rumspringa" were used in the final track. "Resurrection" was replaced with the loop from "Tellohim," so the two songs could seamlessly transition into each other.


Effects Research

In my previous experience, I found that the default compressor on Waveform Free tended to digitally distort the sound. Seeking a different, free compressor, I discovered the VST effects bundle by Melda Productions, which includes a wide variety of effects such as reverb, flange, and phase.

In my last FMP, I used the distortion artifacts from the default compressor to add saturation to the bass. My usual distortion plugin cut off some of the lowest frequencies, so the compressor's distortion served as a good substitute. However, it was inadequate for mixing and mastering since it caused the tracks to sound more distorted than compressed.

The new compressor in the Melda Productions set did not have this issue and proved far more suitable for mixing. Its compression was cleaner and provided more volume in the output, especially for melodic things like vocals.

Additionally, the bundle included an effect called Comb, which I hadn't encountered before. It functions like an auto-filter with a rapidly oscillating LFO combined with a delay. I applied it to the main sample of "Tellohim," automating the wetness over time to balance the dryness of the song while maintaining an aggressive feel.


Feedback Summary on My EP

The feedback on my EP has been positive. Below, I've provided a breakdown of the feedback received, highlighting key points on the trailer audio, production quality, vocal synthesis, video accompaniment, and overall impressions.

Genre Flow

Though the central genre is house, I took a lot of inspiration from other genres. I tried keeping certain aspects consistent such as the progressive and repetiveness, drum style and groovy rhythms. Listeners thought that the blend of genres had a cohesive flow throughout the EP. This diversity kept the audience engaged and intrigued throughout the entire playtime.

building excitement for the EP

The trailer audio was successful in building excitement for the EP. Listeners felt that the trailer gave a strong and positive first impression, setting the stage for the music to follow. The anticipation generated by the trailer contributed significantly to their eagerness to hear the full EP.

Production Quality

The production quality was regarded as both imaginative and varied. The audio did not suffer from sharp jumps in volume or disruptive changes in the frequency spectrum. Instead, it maintained a consistent level of quality across tracks. Listeners appreciated that the production felt fresh and non-repetitive, enhancing their overall listening experience.

Vocal Synthesis in "A Little Time"

The vocal synthesis in "A Little Time" received positive remarks. The synthesized vocals were well-produced and suited the genre of the song. They were perceived as a good fit, adding a unique touch to the track without sounding out of place or artificial. My aims for the vocals where for it to sound like a computer but feel like a human.

Video Clip

I had shown a short clip for "A Little Time" that I had completed so far. The video clip was highly praised for its complementarity to the music. Viewers found that the video clip enhanced their experience of the EP. It was described as well thought out and visually aligned with the thematic and emotional tones of the music.

Overall Impressions

The EP was noted for its overall inconsistency in a positive sense. While the EP was varied in its sound and style, this was seen as advantageous. The variation between tracks added to the EP’s appeal, showcasing versatility and creativity. This unpredictability kept the audience's attention to hear what would come next.

It was also noted for each song felt like just the right length. Combined with the quick transitions, it created a sense of perpetual motion but unpredictable outcomes.


The feedback on my EP confirms my goal a successful blend of genres, strong production quality, well-integrated vocal synthesis, and fitting visualisations. The overall reception underscores the artistic advantages of embracing diversity and imagination in music production. Moving forward, these insights will be invaluable in refining and enhancing future projects.