week Activity Reources
1 Trailer Audio:
To finish the EP and make the mashup of all the songs to be used in the trailer. Mix & Master all.
Laptop (mine)
2 Storyboard:
An outline of the video and planning what parts will be filmed, 3d models and stock footage.
Borrow college IPads that have procreate on them.
3 Filming:
Someone will film me against a green screen by a 2000s camcorder.
Borrow college IPads that have procreate on them.
4 3D rendres:
I'll make 3D elements for the video in blender. This will cover a lot of ground.
Laptop (mine)
  • blender
5 Free week:
Time to refine parts that need refining, likely also making more 3D renders during this time.
Laptop (mine)
  • blender
6 Editing:
Make a rough cut of all the elemts in Final Cut Pro
Imac (College)
  • Final Cut Pro
7 Feedback:
Make a google form to recieve feedback from peers and implement their suggestions.
Laptop (mine)
  • Google forms
8 Evaluation:
Finalising the website to be sent of to the evaluators.
Laptop (mine)