Evaluation of Progress and Milestones

Since the project began, several significant milestones have been achieved. Notably, I successfully created a 5-track EP and completed most of the largest creative project of my life. I also produced a promotional video for the EP, which I can use for marketing purposes. Additionally, I gained considerable knowledge in music production and using Blender. 

Reflecting on Progress

Planning and Execution

At the start of the project, I created storyboards and a timeline to guide the process. This initial planning helped keep track of each phase of the project and stay aligned with the overall vision. I had gone off track as the project went along, certain parts where never filmed

Tools and Resources

Throughout the project, I utilized a variety of tools and resources, each chosen for its specific strengths and suitability to the task at hand.

  • Audio Production:
    • Waveform Free (DAW): This free digital audio workstation was essential for music production. Given its limited default VSTs, I relied heavily on 90s sample CDs and free VSTs.
    • Virtual DJ: Used for adjusting the tempo of samples, this tool was integral in refining the audio tracks.
    • DJ Citizen Labs: Another valuable resource for audio manipulation and enhancement.

  • 3D Animation:
    • Blender: Selected for its free access and extensive resources, Blender was instrumental in creating high-quality 3D animations.

  • 2D Animation:
    • FireAlpaca: I chose this drawing program because of my familiarity with it and its built-in animation features. It was used to create the 2D animated segments effectively.

  • Video Editing:
    • OpenShot: While I opted for OpenShot due to its free availability, it posed some limitations in terms of effects. However, these constraints pushed me to be more creative with the available tools, ultimately enhancing the project’s quality through innovative problem-solving.

Music Inspiration

In my research, I explored various types of house and related genres, incorporating elements from each into my music. While French house was the primary inspiration, I also drew from several other styles.

Found Love In

This track was inspired by the smooth, laid-back beats of lo-fi hip-hop, particularly Nujabes’ "Luv(sic)."

Um, I Don’t Think So

This track prominently features post-disco samples, showcasing the French house influence most clearly.


Influenced by Detroit techno and Chicago house, this track draws heavily from Daft Punk’s early work, especially "Da Funk" from Homework and their Alive 1997 album. Additionally, I incorporated techniques inspired by Kiko’s "Give It Up," layering loops over changing chords to recontextualize them.

A Little Time

This track blends French house and synth-pop influences, taking cues from Daft Punk’s Discovery album with its pop-oriented sound and simpler drum beats. I also drew inspiration from modern Boiler Room tracks like Sheila Ford’s "La Costa" and used a bitcrush effect on a sample, akin to techniques found in many Le Knight Club tracks.

Video Inspiration

For the trailer of my EP, which features four songs, I drew visual inspiration from a variety of sources. I created a Pinterest board for each song, allowing me to bring still images to life through motion.

Found Love In

The video for this song revolves around a bicycle, set in a warm, urban environment inspired by Superfunk’s album cover for "Lucky Star." I designed a circular 3D stage around a roundabout to evoke a sense of perpetual motion, mirroring the song's dynamic feel.

Um, I Don’t Think So

Inspired by the 3D-rendered disco ball aesthetics of Alan Braxe & Fred Falke’s "Intro," I wanted to capture the essence of 80’s post-disco both musically and visually. The shimmering, nostalgic vibe of that era played a key role in shaping the video’s aesthetic.


For "Tellohim," I drew from the visual style of Daft Punk’s live performance of "Rollin’ & Scratchin’," featuring flashing lights and rhythmic movement. In the segments where I appear as an angel, I opted for a stark contrast with a dark background against cold light, echoing the visuals of Daft Punk’s "Burnin’," which also utilizes fire against dark backdrops.

A Little Time

This video is steeped in nostalgia and femininity, with a Windows 95 theme. It begins with the boot-up sequence of a computer, transitioning to the desktop and eventually displaying an old video, capturing a sense of a memory.

Learning and Skill Development

While I had some prior experience with Blender, this project was my first time working on such a large scale and without relying heavily on copying a tutorial one-to-one. This pushed me to expand my skills. I’ve become much more comfortable with editing and can now create work that aligns more closely with my vision.

Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Makeup and Styling: The visual theme was planned to focus on a pink and purple colour scheme to match the 2D graphics. For the “2000s girl” look, we borrowed a pink heart jumper to go with the pink and purple eyeshadow.
  • Camera Operator: For the filming of "A Little Time," the setup was relatively simple, involving just me and a camera operator against a green screen. This streamlined coordination allowed us to capture a wide range of shots.
  • Film Crew: The filming of "Tellohim" was more complex, involving media students and their equipment. Coordinating the entire team was more challenging than anticipated, but the collaborative effort resulted in outstanding footage. Initially, I had planned to work only with a camera operator, but the expanded team brought additional perspectives and resources.

Project Targets and Outcomes

Although I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to do, this project remains one of the best and most ambitious pieces of work I’ve created. The feedback was predominantly positive, particularly regarding the seamless flow of music across various genres. The input from others highlighted the project's cohesiveness and affirmed the success of my creative choices. If I were to revisit this project, I would retain the elements that received positive feedback and refine any areas that could benefit from additional polish.

Problem Solving

Was going to be edited in Final Cut Pro but had to change to OpenShot since I didn’t have reliable access to a mac.

Found Love in

There was originally going to be 2 stages but cut it down to just the one due to time constraints and overestimating how long the intro was going to be. There was also originally going to be filmed segments that hides my face with a hat that never got filmed & didn’t matter anyway because there wouldn’t be anywhere to put them.

Um, I Don’t Think So

Was very poorly planned and was mostly made up on the spot during the editing process. The 2D segment of the disco ball as a sunset was going to be 3D but was made 2D to save time. most of this part of the video is compositing of stock footage, I had found a lot of stock footage filmed in film & old cameras to add some extra vintage personality to it. I had a lot of ideas disparate ideas such as a record player, roller skates, that did come through but in subtle ways but not in 3D segments like originally planned.


There was originally going to be 3D segments for this part but didn't have time, I tried making up the rest with stock footage and using the footage I had already filmed in creative ways, (such as layering the stock footage of fire over the angel to give off the appearance of a seraphim). There was also going to be more of an industrial theme to the Tellohim segment (3D industrial stage + stock footage + more filmed segments filmed in an industrial area) but couldn’t figure out a way to make it work in the editing process with what I had.

A Little Time

Most of what was planned came through the most though some small parts in the desktop segment had to be simplified. There was originally going to be an inversion motif inspired by Bill Wurtz’s older music videos but was cut due to time.

Reflection and Future Plans

Reflecting on the project, I have learned several valuable insights and lessons. First, collaborating with a team for filming can significantly increase the quality and scope of the final product. The collective effort and diverse skill sets of the team members brought a level of production that would have been impossible to achieve alone in the time required. Second, the ability to produce high-quality work using available tools. For instance, transitioning from Final Cut Pro to OpenShot, despite its limitations, taught me to be resourceful and creative with the tools at hand, ultimately leading to innovative solutions and a polished final product.

On completion and sharing the final trailer, the next steps involve leveraging the trailer to promote the E.P. on social media. I plan to launch an advertising campaign using the video snippets I've created, aiming to engage and attract a wider audience. Looking ahead, I intend to explore future projects in a similar vein, continuing to blend audiovisual elements as artforms on themselves but also as promotional material.